Monday, July 28, 2014

Hate hurting her.

I think it's sad I'm so selfish at times, that I choose to jack off rather than have Sex with my own wife.   Maybe I deserve what's coming. We've had some delays in starting, yet last week she found a huge stash of my rags and boxer I used to jack off in. She was so sad and angry, she said "I finally understand why women turn their husbands into cuckolds. In time I'm going to have to find someone else, because this is so out of hand". I truly don't like hurting her, yet today she found another huge stash under the bed, she looked crushed. We had to run some errands and she was pretty quiet, I said I need to find a restroom in the store and all she said was "soon you won't have to worry about that" and walked off. I'm my own undoing I guess, she has plans apparently, I suppose we will see.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Preparing for the long haul

I know this blog seems like a roller coaster; on and off, yet there are reasons for that. Last month Mistress and myself had a MAJOR life event, don't worry it's a good thing! We needed to enjoy that to the fullest, no kinks attached! Now that it has passed we and she specifically have so much more free time, which means she finally a gets to partake in the lifestyle she's always wanted... Without any distractions. My chastity device clicked closed' this morning, I'm sitting in bed in a very dirty diaper right now... I just ordered 200 Abena M4's, 160 bambino booster pads, a new enema and a pink onesie at her direction. Sex for me is over for along time, I won't be getting off for the next 4 months. This king size bed won't be mine to use next week, I'm switching to a 54 inch dog kennel as my new sleeping arrangement.  After years of trying it's finally here, I hope you enjoy the upcoming journey.

Monday, May 5, 2014

"Your getting pierced"

The weekend was rather uneventful in regards to kink, I spent some time volunteering at a local food bank a few towns over. On Sunday though she informed me of something rather strange to me; she told me I was going to get a frenum piercing in a month, so that my current jail bird would become fully escape proof. I'm not sure how I feel about this, it's not that I'm scared of the piercing, it's the feeling of that being a big feels so permanent. I guess she's getting serious. Will post in detail tomorrow, be careful what you wish for.

Friday, May 2, 2014

The boy who cried wolf

The boy who cried wolf...we've all heard the story, the proverbial tale of a boy who lied to manipulate a situation one too many times, and it ended up costing him. I learned the lesson of that tale today, in one of my whining sessions which ended up not only costing me....but solidifying an inner fear. Today I tried to talk my way out of chastity, and trying to for stall this process for another thirty days. I explained my reasoning and explained I was being genuine in that reason, she listened attentively and laughed at the end. I begged, I threw so many excuses at her, and every time I said "no" she just kept adding it up in her head how many spankings I was going to get. She then explained the tale of the boy who cried wolf, telling me the whole story which I already knew.
"You've lied and tried to get out of this too many've cried wolf once too many, and this time it won't work. Because unfortunately for you, I like this...and we haven't even started, but I'm getting better and I'm sorry you thought this would last a "week" but sadly, for you, you were wrong this time." She said with smile on her face, what scared me is I could tell she was being genuine.
She continued "I know this is hard, and its going to get harder, but remember you wanted this... years ago you said you wanted to be fully controlled, and thats whats happening. Soon your soul purpose will be pleasing me, your basically going to be brain need to get two things out of your head...resisting me and thinking your still a man. Your going to be trained, and between punishment and your hypnosis files your going to become a sissy, your going to become my slave. Another issue is you don't go down on me...that's going to change, we're going to get you so good at that so I never even have the thought of wanting your cock again. I'm sorry but this is the way its going to be now, honestly I don't think theres a thing you could say to make me change my mind. The fact that your whining about this has made me disappointed, so your going to spend a lot more time in your isolation room so you can think about what you've done, and start accepting this. I'm in control, I make all your choices now, that's not changing, be careful what you ask for".
And with that I got up and left the house to run some errands, I'm worried now yet I know I shouldn't be...I guess what you think will be "fun" can turn out to be a nightmare, fears are running through my head; no more sex again? Just a strap on? What if I become dependent on diapers? How can I sleep comfortably in a cage or crib? Will she tell her friends? Will they get involved? My mind is racing with a million questions, all I know is I think I have a very humiliating, and sexually frustrating road ahead of me... When she get done talking I had the balls to try and bargain, I told her if she waited I would get her the isolation hood and Max Cita strait jacket she's been wanting... she laughed and smiled stating "Your going to get me those anyway silly! Order more diapers, if I "run out" your going to be in more trouble than you can imagine."  I'm currently sitting in bed waiting her to get back home from a friends, I hope she's home chastity device is killing me.   Maybe I should except it, maybe subcontiously I already am...when I came into the bed room I got out a diaper, my plastic panties and the powder and set them on the night stand.

Tightening her grip.

Thursday May 1st-

Last night was a change of pace I suppose, when she got home she told me it was time for my spanking... apparently this is going to be a daily thing, she turned me over her knee, my chastity device nestled between her legs and she began to spank me with her bare hands. It didn't hurt, I guess this annoyed her and she pulled a wooden spoon out from the drawer. She spanked me around 25 times with the spoon, when my ass was red enough she decided she was done, they didn't hurt to be honest. She diapered me and when we laid down, she began to rant about how she's sick of me not taking this seriously. The first thing she told me was to stop touching her ass, and that I was no longer allowed to use the word "no" when speaking to her. She also explained that I was not to start direct conversations with her. After she chewed me out she fell asleep, I awoke this morning to her putting my chastity device on me and I was off to work. When I got home she arrived shortly after, I was sitting on the couch in my boxers, she was not amuzed. We sat on the couch and handled some home matters for about an hour, she then led me to the bed room and told me it was time for my spanking. She spanked a lot harder this time,  she kept asking me questions and when I replied with "no" she just kept spanking me more. It hurt, yet I was no where near crying, I doubt I ever will be. After she got done she told me to put on some panties and cook her dinner, when we were through eating she told me to get to cleaning, and put on my posture collar since I had been "bitching". I wasn't really happy about this and complained about wearing the collar since it was uncomfortable, she was livid. She grabbed the loop and led me to the bedroom where my small isolation room is (she earlier post), she yelled for me to get in and left me in darkness for around an hour. I flooded my diaper while curled up inside, when she finally let me out she mocked me for this, spanked the back of my thighs and sent me to continue cleaning. When I was done I asked her if I could lay down, she said I could and after putting on my plastic diaper covers I fell asleep.

Friday May 2nd-

Waking up she was out the door, she didn't take my diaper off and expected me to put my chastity device on, I wish she wouldn't trust me so much. With much resistance I put it on and left for work, we'll see what tonight has in store.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What to do...What to do...

 I suppose somethings take time to fall in place, I spoke in my last post about my fear this would devolve down the path of me being subjected to these tribulations while she lived a very vanilla life. Monday during the day she began texting me about how she doesn't believe I was taking the process seriously. In all honesty, I wasn't. She explained how she was getting very upset I don't listen to her, I apologized yet I had no intention of stopping my behavior, because there were no repercussions for living my normal life and doing what ever I wanted to do. When she called me after work she began saying some odd things "Your going to start drinking my urine, daily" "I think we should play a game where you drink a lot of liquids and are forced to wet your panties not your diapers" Amongst other things. This was odd to me but I decided not to dwell on it.  When I arrived home she was leaving to go have dinner with friends, which I was upset about seeing as I never see her. I cleaned up a little bit and spent a few hours on netflix, at this time my chastity device was really annoying me. When she finally got home she kindly put me into my diaper, which meant the cage come off! I'm so much more comfortable in them!!!! Especially since my new cage is tighter, anyways when we laid down she made me literally kiss her ass before she went to sleep...and after I did that she asked me a strange question:
"So I need to know something, have you always wanted to be controlled by a dominant women".
I didn't answer, instead sending more questions her way "What do you mean controlled?"
She replied by saying "having every aspect of your life controlled, everything, have you always wanted that? I need to know before we move further in this process"
"So if I say no can we stop playing and I don't wear the cage anymore?"
She laughed really hard "No, not hardly...your stuck with that now, I just need to know to understand how I'm going to proceed".

I awoke this morning to her un tapping my diaper, which a welcomed feeling since it was soaked. My dick was already harder than steel, she began cleaning me up and then she climbed on top of me and we had sex, for about two minutes, I was still waking up or I know I would have gotten off. After a lot of teasing last night and that show this morning, my balls are aching beyond belief! She put my cage back on and left for work, sadly when I arrived home for lunch I noticed she left the key on the night stand again.... it makes me sad, because even though she says she "forgets" it makes me sad because I feel its just me going through this.  Despite the fact she text me through out the day, randomly mentioning things about it... When were home, nothing happens. Her threats carry no weight, and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get better with empty threats. So right now I'm sitting here in bed, she's watching T.V. and I guess I'm about to go to sleep.  I guess I'll get diapered soon, thats if she remembers.

Getting situated, and making some adjustments

Well after some unexpected delays with my chastity device, we are back in business. I had a metal worker slim down the ring and I can attest I can't get out of this thing at all. The new cuts I made to the anti-pull out pin make even trying not only painful, yet scaring. Even if I were to manage to back out, theres no way I'd get it back in. And yes its only been 24 hours and I'm going crazy. The device actually arrived Wednesday, I didn't tell her until later in the evening. I felt bad that I had removed it from the package and put it away without her knowing, she was checking the porch and patio to see if any boxes were left and the look of disappointment was clear. When she knew the device had arrived she snapped at me before bed "put your diaper on". I laid down, exhausted from a long work day and ignored her demands, before I knew it I was asleep. The following morning I woke up late and didn't put the device on, she was not happy again. Yet in my mind if she fails at making sure its on, thats a free pass for the day :). Well Thursday when I got home she was getting ready to leave and asked me to lay down on the bed, she put me in two diapers and proceeded to leave the room. Before she left the house she yelled "All the laundry folded and change the sheets, wash them as well." And that was that...

I walked about the house, hating the waddle, contemplating removing them and putting new ones on when she got home, just didn't want the inevitable to happen because I knew these weren't going to be coming off until Friday morning. Friday came and went, I put my device on before I left for work, work was uneventful. That evening she had me help with some things for her side business, the device was killing me and she told me once I had completed my task she would diaper me, I couldn't wait! I ended up making a huge mess, laying down she was not happy "I really can't sleep next to you with that smell, lets change you." I welcomed a fresh diaper and sleep peacefully, even dreaming. She thinks I sleep better with the diapers on, I doubt that statement is true...maybe I simply don't want it to be true. Regardless Saturday she was gone all day and I proceeded to work on the house, she left early that morning leaving me in a diaper and told me to put the device on when I woke up. I really wish she wouldn't trust me... I don't trust myself! How can you expect someone used to jacking off to be trustworthy and just put his device on!!!!  Any ways she got home and I was on the toilet, knowing I was going to be diapered when she arrived, I just didn't want to sleep in a mess again. She got upset and expressed her want for me to make all my messes in my diaper only. Well lets fast forward to today, she awoke and told me she wanted me to cook her breakfast, and asked if I wanted a fresh diaper. Of course I did, it was how I obtained it I had a problem with. "I want you to say Mistress I would really like to be comfy and cozy in a new diaper" she said, I really didn't want to say something so trivial and silly, it took me about ten minutes of pouting to finally say it. When I finally did she put me in two diapers, slitting the first one so it would leak into the second... I was mad because I really had to make a mess, and she wouldn't let me use the toilet first. She had to leave again for most of the day, and wanted me in my locking plastic panties...again I wish she didn't trust me!!!!!!! I put them on but I didn't lock them, why would I?! She's supposed to be the one to click these locks and not leave the keys at makes this process hard and irrelevant. I had a work situation turn up and had to leave the house, I took the diapers off and locked on my chastity device, which was irrelevant since she left the key for that too....    I guess I'm not taking her seriously, last night she told me I didn't listen to her and obey and she was upset about it, yet she didn't do anything. So I guess I'm really not sure, last time she was strict, never left a key around, and dotted her I's when it came to anything to do with this. So I guess I'm not sure if she is taking it seriously.  I'm not sure what I need or what she needs to do to make it clear this is really happening...because right now I feel like a guy who just wears diapers...   She wanted me to buy a crib on friday I found on craigslist, I ignored her want, I do not want to subject myself to sleeping in something that small, I'm 5'8! I can't fit in a childs crib!!!! Monday morning I began to really feel was driving me insane, it hasn't hit me like this yet.